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Strategic Suppliers of TBM are performed by the leading manufacturers of materials and parts to produce windows and doors,glass unit and furniture with application of lean production and innovations. This approach is typically allows to provide a high quality products and delivery discipline that simultaneously satisfy the following criteria

Delivery of the priority positions
Ability to ensure a significant market shares
Provision the full or partial exclusive or price protection
Limitation of the quantity of Dealers
Do not carry out direct deliveries to Customers without agreement
Increasingly develops the product and business processes
Performs the deliveries using with Just-in-time system
Provides the Goods with quality higher than 4.5 Sigma

Aluron Sp.z o.o.

European manufacturer that produces aluminium, wood-aluminium, PVC-aluminium systems and drainage molding for wooden windows. The organization locates in Poland.

Carl Fuhr GmbH & Co. KG

World manufacturer of the door locks. The variety of its production ranges from common mortice locks to future-oriented multipoint locking systems for entrance and interior doors.

DEVENTER Profile GmbH & Co.KG

Major European manufacturer of the weather-strips for aluminium, PVC and wooden doors and windows. The factory is located in Germany.

Hesse GmbH & Co

One of the leading European manufacturers of coating materials with more than 100-years’ experience. The factory is located in Germany.

Kovinoplastika Lož d.d.

International organization, one of the leaders among window fittings manufacturers in the EU.

Joint venture with the top German manufacturer Helima GmbH. It produces aluminium spacer frame.​

Rhenocoll WerK eK.

European manufacturer of the coating materials, such as interior and external wood protection, coating for wooden doors and facades, coating for plastic, lacquers and wood stains for interior decor, special coatings for roofs, walls, floor covering, lacquers for glass, refractory coatings and adhesives. The production plant is located in Germany (Mannheim and Konken).

Roto Frank

Roto Frank is the world manufacturer of the fittings for aluminium, PVC and wooden doors and windows including also dormer windows and attic stairs. Wilhelm and Elfriede Frank have founded the Company in 1935 in Stuttgart. In 2008 new factory was founded in Russia.

Sherwin-Williams Italy S.r.l.

Italian division of the global group of Companies that is specialized on manufacturing coating materials.

Major European manufacturer of the weather-strips for aluminium, PVC and wooden doors and windows located in Russia.​


Major Turkish manufacturer of the fittings for windows and doors. The Company produces goods under Elementis trademark for TBM. Production has been started in 1997.

Vorne Pencere Kapi Sistemleri Pazarlama Dis Ticaret A.S.

Top Turkish manufacturer of the fittings for doors and windows. Mr. Omer Ileri has founded the Company in 1985.

Zobel Chemie GmbH

European manufacturer of the water-based coating materials. The organization has 60-years’ experience. Its production is used for the external finishing of wooden windows and faces as well as for PVC construction.

Joint venture with German manufacturer Moller GmbH. It produces window sills made of composite material (mixture of PVC and wood powder).


The leading European manufacturer of gloss materials for the furniture production and interior decoration.

Giesse S.p.a.

The leading European manufacturer of accessories for aluminum constructions and windows automation. The company is located in Italy.


German manufacturer of high quality door hinges for plastic and metal doors.